B&T BWC9 BT-430298

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Manufacturer: B&T USA

Part Number:  BT-430298

Product Description: The all-new BWC9 is a folding personal defense chassis designed to be a compact, non-descript accessory that hides in plain sight. In its folded form, it can be carried using the integrated carry
handle. In this position, placing slight rearward pressure upon the charging handle, a subtle flick of
the wrist completely unfolds and locks the BWC9 into its extended position. It can be refolded and
stowed nearly as quickly. The BWC is being sold as an accessory; users will provide their P320 FCU
and complete slide assembly of their choice. Aimpoint ACRO P-2 is included.


• Low Profile Construction
• Includes ACRO P2
• Works with SIG P320 Fire Control Unit
• Spring Loaded Deployment


  • Barrel Length - 4.5" / 114.3mm
  • Thread Pitch - Integrated
  • Twist Rate - 1:10
  • Lenght Folded - 11.7" / 297.18mm
  • Length Open - 22" / 558.8mm
  • Weight - 3lbs / 1.3kg