KAC Knight's Armament Co. 9mm MP5 Navy Suppressor Serial Number: 90088

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KAC Knights Armament Co. 9mm MP5 Navy Suppressor Serial Number: 90088 

Manufacturer: Knights Armament Company 

Product Description: These suppressors are no longer produced and are extremely rare. They are also noted to be the best and quietest MP5 suppressors for standard non SD variants, while simultaneously being the most rugged suppressor to ever be manufactured. Both suppressors were manufactured and sold in 2008, that is about as much information I have on the life of these specific suppressors. A few final notes, the thread Pitch is 1/2x32 not 1/2x28, while utilizing this suppressor expect zero POI shift, and lastly this is the correct suppressor to make an MP5-N clone.


  • Exterrior - 7/10
  • Threads - Perfect
  • Baffles - Perfect
  • Endcap - Perfect