KAC Knight's Armament Company Micro 600m Rear Flip Sight KM25650

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KAC Knights Armament Company Micro 600m Rear Flip Sight

Manufacturer: Knights Armament Company

Part Number: KM25650

Product Description: KAC's line of Micro Iron Sights are currently in use by the United States Army, Marine Corps and numerous law enforcement agencies worldwide. This is because they are built to exacting tolerances, maintain their zero under adverse conditions and, when folded, have one of the lowest profile top-rail footprints in the industry. Our highly versatile 200-600 Meter Micro Rear Sight features a finger-adjustable, rotating drum that enables shooters to engage targets from 200 to 600 meters with both speed and accuracy. 

For more information please visit www.knightarmco.com

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