KAC Knight’s Armament Company SR-16 CQB Gov’t Spec Upper Receiver Group KM32480

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KAC Knights Armament Company SR-16 CQB Gov’t Spec Upper Receiver Group

Manufacturer: Knights Armament Company

Part Number: KM32480

Product Description: For the first time Knight’s Armament Company is releasing a limited number of Government spec SR16 upper receivers into the commercial market. These are limited to 230 units and will not be offered again. These uppers have undergone Gov’t acceptance testing and may have slight cosmetic imperfections. They have a total of 125 rounds through them due to testing.  The receivers are marked “commercial” to indicate that they are Gov’t spec SR 16 uppers sold to the commercial market.


  • Barrel: 11.5 inch
  • Rail: URX3.1- The URX3.1 is 10.75 inches long and features a two-part design, Slick sides, anti-rotation QD swivel sockets, and is compatible with the standard and deluxe rail panel kit.  The URX3.1 is one of the most esthetically pleasing rail designs available.
  • Gas system: Carbine length
  • Bolt Carrier Group: The bolt carrier group features the revolutionary E3 bolt design. The E3 design increases the durability and life of the bolt by utilizing features such as rounded lugs, size reduction of the cam pin, larger bolt face, and a proprietary extractor design.
  • Sights: Micro rear 600m flip up sight and Micro front flip up sight.
  • Muzzle Device: 5.56 M4QD Flash Hider KM93048
  • Charging handle: Knights Armament enhanced charging handle

Edit: As many may know KAC has released more than 230 SR-16 uppers, and we would like to apologize for bringing false information to the community. that being said, we were under the pretense that there were supposed to only be 230 uppers released, we are sorry and will do a better job of vetting information before posting it, thank you for supporting N.S. Armory LLC.

*All NFA rules and regulation apply*

*Does not need to ship to FFL*

For more information please visit www.knightarmco.com

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