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KAC Knight's Armament Company M4/M16 Black QDSS-NT4 Sound Suppressor KM96062-1

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KAC Knight's Armament Company M4/M16 QDSS-NT4 Sound Suppressor

KM96062-1 (Black)

The legendary NT4 is possibly the most durable 5.56mm signature reduction device ever created and has seen wide spread use with the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement agencies. Using materials such as stainless steel and inconel, sustained full auto fire is no match for the Knight's Armament NT4. The NT4 comes in Black and Taupe/FDE. It attaches via quick attach and detach to the M4/16 QD Flash Suppressors/Compensator Kit. The KAC NT4 is also compatible with the M4QD MAMS and the KAC Triple tap. 


Includes the M4/16 QD Flash Suppressors/Compensator Kit (KM93048)


Full Auto rated 

Weight: 1lb 8oz

Length: 6.6"

Diameter: 1.5"

dB Reduction: -28dB

Compatible with the KAC Triple TapKAC M4QD MAMSKAC M4/M16 QD Compensator


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