NS Armory M110K1 Clone Conversion

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NS Armory M110K1 Clone Conversion

Manufacturer: NS Armory

Product Description: To meet the needs of the community we are now offering M110K1 clone conversions. Specifying in everything KAC also being Certified M110, MK11, & SR-25 Armorers we have decided that their is no one else in the firearms communtiy more suited to take on this project. 

M110K1 Clone Conversion service:

  • Complete Disassembly of your firearm
  • Machining of the KAC M110K1 Low Profile Gas Block to flawlessley fit either a clone barrel or factor ECC barrel
  • Taupe Cerakote: upper receiver, URX3.1, lower receiver, behind the gas block, dust cover, small parts, charging handle.
  • Black Cerakote: gas block, barrel forward of the gas block, end plate, locking nut
  • Complete Reassembly of your Firearm

Upper Receiver Parts Needed For Conversion:

Lower Receiver Parts Needed For Conversion:

Lead Time: Lead time is based on current workload at the time of shipping your rifle 


  • Please include the Attached work order in your package and ship your package to the address on the work order.
  • we are not liable for shipping issues 
  • If your desire return shipping insurance please specify prior to us returning your package we do not fully insure packages unless specified and paid for