NS Armory SR-15 Mod2 URX3.1 Conversion

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NS Armory SR-15 Mod2 URX3.1 Conversion

Product Description: The SR-15 Mod 2 Gas system utilizes a Straight gas tube AN fitting type system, which requires the gas block to be much higher than most gas blocks on the market today, when incorporated with the URX4 the height of the gas block is no problem but when you start to customize things and throw a URX3.1 into the mix  problems start to occur. The major issue with a 3.1 being installed on a Mod 2 is that when barrel whip occurs because of the gas block being so tall the gas block actually makes contact with the inside of the rail which prevents a free float system causing POI shift.

The Solution: At NS Armory we were the first people to solve this issue, we realized that there was enough material inside of the rail to where we could machine the inside of the rail to allow the gas block to move freely under firing conditions as well as maintain the rigidity of the rail. 

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