B&T APC9SD Pro Glock Lower Pistol & Compact SD Suppressor BT-36036-G-C-US

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B&T APC9SD Pro Glock Lower Pistol & Compact Suppressor

Manufacturer: B&T USA

Part Number: BT-36036-G-C-US

Product Description: The APC9-SD combines the reliability, accuracy and ambidextrous operation of the APC9 with the advantages of an integral suppressor. Thanks to special ports in front of the chamber, supersonic ammunition can be used. These cartridges will be reduced to subsonic speed by the ports.


  • Color - Black
  • Finish - Type III Hard Coat Anodized
  • Material - Aluminum
  • Caliber - 9x19mm
  • Attachment Options - Integrated Suppressor
  • Barrel Length - 5.7" / 145mm
  • Twist Rate - 1:10
  • Length - 23.5" / 597mm
  • Weight - 6.83lbs / 3.1kg