B&T KH9 Covert 9mm Semi-Auto Folding Pistol BT-440000-C-US

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B&T KH9 Covert 9mm Semi-Auto Folding Pistol

Manufacturer: B&T USA

Part Number:  BT-440000-C-US

Product Description: The all new KH9 Covert is a limited production model featuring a magazine well and pistol grip that each fold 90-degrees allowing the already flat KH9 to be discreetly stowed within limited in depth, narrow spaces, yet can be rapidly employed, making it an ideal E&E platform for personnel working in non-permissive environments. When the magazine well is unfolded, it will naturally guide the magazine directly into the chamber area, where it can be quickly loaded by depressing the top mounted bolt hold open button or by using the charging handle.

The KH9 Covert model is unique in that it features a double action trigger system; the selector switch features three positions: up for safe, mid is the fire position, and when depressed downward the selector decocks the hammer mass. The platform is delivered with a new 25-rd magazine designed to allow the platform to stow as compact as possible, however, it retains ability to accept both standard B&T APC9 polymer magazines of all sizes. The KH9 Covert will be delivered with a small sling bag, flip-up sights and one dedicated 25-round magazine.


  • Telescopic Stock
  • Full Ambi Controls
  • FDE Finish
  • Folding Magazine Well & Grip
  • Top Mounted Charging Handle


  • Barrel Length - 6"
  • Attachment - Tri-Lug
  • Twist Rate - 1:10
  • Lenght - 15.9" or 24.9mm
  • Weight - 5.4lbs